Gearing Up

It is Halloween tonight and I am in the middle of an All Hallows Read and Creativi Tea I have organised, the plan is that at midnight I will begin the NaNoWriMo journey once more – this is a writing challenge I do every year. The idea is to write 50, 000 words in a month. I have spent the last month doing GothNoWriMo – the gothic horror equivalent that helps get the old writing muscle flexed and ready.

But not only do I do this writing insanity, I also do a drawing, kids writing, picture book challenge called PiBoIdMo – which stands for Picture Book Idea Month. It was actually the reason this blog was set up and I have been taking part in it for years now.

So after I have met my 2000 word goal for the day I will be hobbling together some ideas for kids books or picture books or graphic novels / comics or all of the above. I kind of have a thing that ideas are not the hard part with writing or drawing – no the completion of projects is a big thing, so with that in mind I plan to spend 30 hours this month working on my kids stuff and/or illustrations.

Now I am still working on a comic book/first part of a graphic novel that I am hoping to launch in February so I will no doubt focus on that. On the off chance that I get that all sorted and done and dusted I want to get Percival’s Christmas Wish ready for publication though I would not actually be selling physical copies of it until next Christmas. There is also the physical CD of Sarah’s Christmas Collection which I need to organise in time for – well Christmas.

As you can see there is no end of projects for me to finish off! I am infact thinking December is going to be a FiProMo (Finish Projects Month) but no doubt something else exciting will come along and distract me!

Posted: Friday, October 31st, 2014 @ 12:35 am
Categories: Little Books of Poetry, PiBoIdMo, Publishing.
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