Finding Paintings and Where To Begin

So as part of my trying to spend 30 hours this month on my Children’s books I have dug out the paintings I have half finished for What Can You See Under The Sea. My now 7 yr old saw them got very excited – she has only ever had the felt tip drawn version but is desperate for me to finish the paintings so that she can read the book to her little sister.

There is a sad/pathetic story attached as to why they are not finished – I am quiet sensitive to others comments about my work – not once it is finished but whilst in the creative process (I consider rearranging and editing to be tweaking). The paintings were drying on the floor when my husbands aunt came in and a) walked al over them but fortunately they were dry enough and acrylic to be saved from the experience and b) she picked one up and asked me what it was. I told her it was a picture of a jelly fish to which she responded with a diatribe of hate against inaccurate pictures in childrenss books ‘why does it have eyes? Jellyfish do not have eyes…’

I packed the paintings away and did not begin again for 2 yrs really. I drew felt tip pictures for the girls but no painting. Of course I have done lots of painting since then and now want to finish the pictures. But I have a horrible feeling they are not all there and as I painted the back grounds in a batch so the colours would all be the same – this maybe a problem :/

Also I need to get some more paints and paint brushes.

Posted: Sunday, May 5th, 2013 @ 9:39 am
Categories: Artwork, What Can You See Under The Sea.
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