100 Birds in 100 Days


A few days back on Google Plus I saw a post about a drawing challenge – now I was in the middle of not only trying to run a poetry writing drive but trying to do the drive myself as well as plan things for an exhibition this month and start gearing up for festival season – so I thought I would join in 😀

Insane yes!

The challenge as set by Margareth Osju and is to draw 100 birds in 100 days – I am off course already lagging behind but hope to catch up!

There is a Google Plus circle and Margareth’s blog.

I am going to be posting mine here, as well as my art and craft blog.

This first one has been done as a request for my husband, most of the drawings will not be this style at all. The picture is called Gaia and is part of my visual poetry journal.

Posted: Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 @ 2:45 am
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2 Responses to “100 Birds in 100 Days”

  1. Seventh bird of hundred | Artist Margareth Osju Says:

    […] are three, so far, who has taken the challenge of 100 birds in 100 days. Sarah Snell-Pym, she is a scientific artist ( i really like the way she introduces herself) , and Ylva Budsjö, amateur photographer who took the bait […]

  2. Margareth Osju Says:

    I thinks it’s great that you are with us in the 100 birds in 100 days. Really great! This one you have here is a wonderful picture with very harmony tones of colors. All the best from you from Sweden. Margareth

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