The Olympic Book of Poetry, Prose and Projects

I am currently attempting to write poems on all things to do with sports, activities and hobbies. I have also hit on the idea of 10 stories mainly about animals and robots and the like. Obviously the Olympic Games are here in the UK this year so me and my little girl are getting very excited and doing lots of things with an Olympic theme.

This includes knitting our own Olympics and a blanket made of squares showing different sports and things so I think a book of poetry had to be done!

I know I said I would stick to the hundred titles but when this idea occured to me I just couldn’t resist it 🙂 My little girls great grand mother won a gold in the Olympics for running – something my little girl is keen on and good at so the poetry will hopefully help encourage this. I have already done the poems for The Little Book of Olympic Poetry and quiet a few others (Poem a Day challenges etc…), I am including general activities such as hiking, knitting etc…. and think I might actually have a goodly number ready for when we are sitting down watching the events in the summer 🙂

I would also like to have 10 stories for it and have already started brain storming for these 🙂

I will also makes some word searches and thing for my little ones to do and I love designing childrens craft projects the instructions will be in there 🙂 Stuff to again do whilst watching the events 🙂

Posted: Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 @ 8:31 pm
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