The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry Mk 2

Well here you go!

The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry Mk2

My colour printer wasn’t working and after sorting out illustrations I just couldn’t cope with even shrinking it down to the A5 it is supposed to be :/ So I decided to make it a project for my little girl instead 🙂

I printed the front cover in black and white and mounted it onto purple mounting card (card slightly bigger than A4, I then just printed the poems in a large bold slightly gothic looking script I thought kids could still read easily.

Before Jean got to the Little Book of Spoogy

I then bound it with ribbon and gave it to my five year old to decorate and make look spooky!

Pumpkins and Bats A story about a little black cat Skeletons and Mummys

Happy Halloween!

Posted: Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 @ 9:19 pm
Categories: Spoogy Poetry.
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