Rainbow Dolphins

I thought I would strike whilst the iron was hot as it were so whilst feeling inspired I started work on The Rainbow Dolphins – the story started out all glitter and sweetness as the baby Dolphins learn about their world the Bounded Sea. This is a special place at the bottom of the sea and the dolphins would not biologically be dolphins but something that has co-evolved the same features – they can not come up to the surface – they need heat and pressure to survive.

I have bascially designed an eco-system complete with its geological/biological interactions (I know this probably isn’t needed for a kids book but it was fun!).

The story takes a slightly darker turn as the little wold is attacked by an ancient enemy the spiral shelled Amonids (basically ammonites). The babies all survive and on top of that stop the communities food source from being completely wiped out – thus saving the day whilst ‘hiding’ from the fighting.

My little girl loves it – it has sparkly dolphins and battles :/ Only I would come up with something like this and it NOT be satire!

Posted: Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 @ 11:01 am
Categories: The Bounded Sea.
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