Things Left To Do for Festive Poetry

I have the PDF, I have the printed physical article, but I still need to do a lot of stuff for this book. For a start I need to record a little trailer thing for it like I did for The Spoogy Book, I also want to record the poems for audio book but there is more involved with that so I think that will not be coming out until next year though I want to get alot of it sorted now.

I’ve noticed that some over zealost editing has resulted in some of the ‘bad grammar’ being taken out of one of the poems unfortunately it was there for a reason and that is the flow of the poem itself, so that needs to be altered for future editions and one of the poems I would prefer to be slightly higher on the page but it is such a minor thing and it seems to only bug me, that I am leaving it for now.

I really should organise some sort launch for it as well.

I’m still trying to sort out POD (print on demand stuff) and ebook stuff as well.

I have two readings in December to promote it and need to make a webshop thing for it and to place it on my blogs etc… promote on twitter and linkedIn, facebook and all the rest of it.

Audio book wise I need to decided which story I am including and which song to sing. I will have slay bells as the gaps between sections. Story wise I am torn between my Advent Story and Santa Mouse both of which still need alot of work done on them.

I have made some christmas cards as well but forgot to get my order in early enough so they will be for next year along hopefully with some other merchandise.

And this doesn’t even take in what I want to do with textiles and hand binding and things for special editions. So there is still alot to do.

I am aiming to change my blog banner for one I’ve made from the illustrations as I did with The Spoogy and to also make little things people can use as web badges and avatars.

Posted: Saturday, November 24th, 2012 @ 10:56 am
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