20p a Sheet

Ok so like last year I am printing out Little Books of Festive as I just did not have the capital to get them printed, especially as I am not getting the money from the sales so I didn’t want to pay out a lot of money when the idea is to raise money for the school library fund.

It costs me just under 20p a sheet making each book one pound to produce if we do not take into account my time. But to get the same sort of thing from printers I need to spend hundreds of pounds which I do not have at the moment. My hope is that I can sell the books for 3 pounds give one pound to the school, one pound is cost and the other pound I can save up and get a load batch printed after I’ve paid for the ISBNs. I will also be making it with POD (print on demand) places such as Lulu but to be honest I just wont get any money to give to school that way :(

The POD books may well be better for larger collections but for these little leaflet, pamphlet type books I just can’t get it down to reasonable price and still be able to donate money to the school :( (Nor make any money for me if that were the aim – there is little scope for mark up in other words).

Also until I sort out the ISBNs I can’t sell on Amazon or anything like that – this is where the POD books come in really. I can have one of their ISBNs and have the book listed which this early on maybe the way to go to just get my books noticed for now.

Posted: Friday, November 23rd, 2012 @ 10:55 am
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