Half Way Mark

I am half way through the month and am on 12 hours of hard graft on my childrens/picture books, this is below where I should be but the reason for this is that I have been focusing on the writing challenge for #nanowrimo which is going fantastically well.

But what I have done is organise myself so that I can go to poetry events in December to promote The Little Book of Festive Poetry. I am also going to be at a craft fayre with it at the end of the month too.

I’m still trying to sort out The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry so that it can be bought, I took it down at the beginning of the month after the whole giving it away during the last part of the October. And thinking wow I had over 100 downloads and everyone I know keeps showing it too me on their electronic devices I didn’t think anybody else would really be interested until I did a drive with the physical book next year. However that is not the case!

I have had people contacting me asking to be able to buy it!

This is amazing so I plan to have it there for people as soon as possible but obviously TLBFP has to come first.

I have also booked myself in for my first ever writers retreat – a day for £20 which is in my budget this year. I want to see how this helps my production levels as my main issue is finishing things.

Posted: Thursday, November 15th, 2012 @ 12:17 pm
Categories: 12x12 in 2012, Festive Poetry, PiBoIdMo.
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