Binding Issues

So I had a few issues with the binding – basically sewing a) took too long and b) ment the book was too thick in the middle where the stitching is – it looks lovely but isn’t really practical :(

And stapling with a normal stapler wont work as it looks ugly and the amount of paper is too much for it anyway.

I went to the stationary shop to get a special staple gun but they misunderstood and me not really understanding stapelers didn’t realise – they sold me the sort you use for mounting things on walls. Me and my husband think it will probably come in useful and he went and got me a long arm stapler that I can use. It works really well :)

I have also amended my plan. The ones I have decorated the covers for are ones I will give to people as presents. It’s a lot of work and talking to people I realised that at public events were people don’t know me I can’t really sell something that is embellished home print for very much. So there will be 1000 little home made leaflet/booklets made for sale for the school book fund at like £2.50 each and then 100 ones decorated by me to give to people, plus at some future point 10 hand written and drawn on lovely good quality paper which is hand bound into a book which I will auction.

I’ve already got a couple of readings coming up for it which amazes me!

Posted: Thursday, December 15th, 2011 @ 10:08 pm
Categories: Festive Poetry.
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