The End of Another PiBoIdMo

Well I completed it and then some – I have all the titles I need for my Olympic book of Poetry and am ploughing my way through writing them all! (only at about 40 poems at the moment though).

I have also started trying to sort out The Little Book of Festive Poetry. Due to a dead laptop I’ve had to find and rescan all of the pictures but am now putting it together.

I am feeling a little over whelmed by the Little Books if I am honest – titles and poems still keep popping into my head and I probably have more than a life times work already!

But I will continue with them as my little girl loves them so – she is so excited about how many of them there are!

Picture Book Idea Month really does get me going again with the writing – this is why I do writing challenges infact – I find I start to wane other wise, just loose momentum.

Posted: Thursday, December 1st, 2011 @ 9:53 pm
Categories: Festive Poetry, Little Books of Poetry, Olympic, PiBoIdMo.
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