After the last few days I think I have now sorted out my priority to-do list. It starts with The Little Book of Festive Poetry.

I have already scanned pictures and have been ‘fixing’ some of the poems. So now all I have to do is:

1) Get the poems checked over for missed spelling and grammatical errors (so important for this inept dyslexic!).

2) Clean up the pictures in Illustrator

3) Use some of the images to produce a set of Christmas cards

4) Add the poetry text to the images

5) Turn into PDF or something of that ilk

6) Print copies for my little girl and a few for family

7) Hand make some covers (idea I wanted to do last year!) I have already decided from my work towards my poetry collection that I will only ever make 100 of a book with hand made covers

8) Sort out the printing/ISBN stuff

9) Repeat step 8) for The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry

10) Sell them for their respective holidays next year!

Posted: Monday, November 29th, 2010 @ 10:10 pm
Categories: Festive Poetry, Spoogy Poetry.
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