So Where Have I Got Too?

Well I had 30 ideas pretty much from the beginning and have been working on fleshing out and writing some of them.

I have completed the poems for the Little Book of Festive Poetry – some of them are a bit rough – not as nicely rhymey as I would like but they are something to be getting on with for now. I will spend the next few days doing some felt tip pen illustrations for the poems which I plan to scan and then print into booklets to send to family and friends for Christmas.

With the end of #PiBoIdMo drawing near I find myself going arg! Christmas but I think I am ahead of where I would have been otherwise – I’d have come up with the idea of the poetry book on like Christmas eve as I did with the Halloween one!

My plan is the poems will go out with a little tweaking this year and then I will look at them again probably half way through next year. I will make all nice and tight and polish the illustrations in electrical format until they shin! And then I will do as people are already begging me to do and release it as a ‘proper’ book for next Christmas.

I will have it avalible as a cheap e-book and then use print on demand. If the demand is good enough I will take the profits from that and print a batch hopefully for the following year – if people are still interested by then.

I have to say I am suprised that poems that are aimed at my little girl and are specific to our family life have had such a warm reception.

And if it is a flop it doesn’t matter as Jean will like them anyway – they are after all mostly about her!

Posted: Sunday, November 29th, 2009 @ 6:40 pm
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