Of Christmas and Cats – Poem Nine

In our house there are four cats

Four cats in our house

That do jump and leap about

At Christmas time

the time of Christmas

these cats do have

a fantastic time

Leaping up into the tree

The tree they leap into

it seems is all baubles

and glittery things

For them to try

To try them

To pounce and grab

and then

Chase the tinsel

The tinsel chase

around the house

What a race

With creme and pies

and pies and cream

Licking chops

The cats preen

Left overs of yummy meat

Meat left overs

what a treat

sitting in their bowl to eat

Cats love Christmas

Love Christmas cats

Cat Christmas love

they’re after your lunch!

So be aware

That cat love at Christmas

is a purring affair

Posted: Friday, November 27th, 2009 @ 1:00 pm
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