Christmas Dinner – Poem Four

It’s our house on Christmas Day But there is no turkey on display Daddy’s a veggi or so they say So on this most special day

Instead of grey and stringy meat We have something nice to eat It really is the bestest treat And it might even be a little sweet

It is known as Leopard Pie Its about 3 inches high Within it lots of goodies lie And Daddy wears his christmas tie

sugar covered with cinnamon dust He hopes it wont be a bust When he cuts into the crust Its ok its structurally – robust!

And he serves up perfection His strike – against convention But he’s still full of nervous tension that we wont like this selection

Of pasta with the feta cheese Made with capers that look like peas Peppers, and marmite if you please And don’t forget leopards! What a tease

Is that daddy on Christmas Day When there is no Turkey on display And we do things our own independent way On this special magic day

Posted: Sunday, November 22nd, 2009 @ 10:14 am
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