Mummy’s Socks – Poem Three

This still needs a lot of work – but I really like the concept and yes I do really have a lot of socks!

Mummy has so many socks

A draw full she has – a draw full of socks

All rainbow and stippy – are her socks

Purple and blue, all kinds of hues

Lots of colours are my mummys socks

Socks she collects – collects she socks

All bright colours are her socks

Luminous green with pretend zips

Some of them I swear must reach her hips!

Some say they are goth-chick my mummys socks

Others hippy ‘cos of those glittery socks

My mummy has so many socks!

Her sock draw is buldging at the seams

Her socks are hiding in twos and threes

All knee length are my mummys socks

Why does my mummy have so many socks?

She says I’ll find out soon enough

When I find them full of stuff

Mummy’s socks all full of stuff?

She thinks my head is made of fluff!

But its Christmas Eve and the socks are here!

Mummy’s socks so bright oh dear!

Strippy, spotty, glittery socks

Wow! My mummy really does have a lot of socks

She’s says I can pick some of her socks

One for each of us – for each of us, one of mummys socks

To hang along the fire place

Mummys socks all glitter ‘n’ lace

She says that Santa is gonna come!

And fill all her socks up oh what fun!

I just can’t wait don’t want to sleep

Mummy’s socks I want to keep

For once I’m glad – I’m glad I am

That my mummy has so many socks

So many socks my mummy has

And for her socks I am so glad!

When Santa calls he’ll fill those socks

And mummy has a lot of socks!

Posted: Saturday, November 21st, 2009 @ 1:28 pm
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