Poem Five – Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Decorations round the house Buables, tinsel, Santa Mouse

Jean is adding chocolates to the tree She wants to eat one But Mummy is being mean

And says she’s had lots already Mince pies, strudle, custard – jelly

Lights glowing in pretty tones Jean talks excitedly on the phone

To Nanny and Ganfer who Are going to come round too

And help her hang her stocking up And maybe have some punch cup

Singing songs into the night Carols about Angles flight

Then Jean is off to her bed Denying that she’s a sleepy head

Yawing loud its quiet a sight She should sleep until its light

And it will be present time After all its Christmas Time!

Posted: Monday, November 23rd, 2009 @ 10:33 am
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