MoPo End and Fail but Not Really

The end of MoPo (month of poetry) is drawing to a close and I do not have my 300 poems – no I don’t so I’ve failed yes?


I have almost 200 poems – like WOW! Ok so they are kids rhyming poems very formulaic – I find structured and rhyming poetry very very easy to write!

This means I have so much to do editing wise and what have you!

I don’t think I can face doing this again for WoPoWriMo in February – I might throttle someone so I am going to be doing Visual Poetry for that one. But I will resume for the manic-ness that is NaPiBoWriWee. I did this last year and it was very successful!

Posted: Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 @ 11:48 pm
Categories: Little Books of Poetry, Olympic.
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