The Little Book of Easter Poetry – The CD

Audio The Little Book of Easter Poetry

I have produced an audio book which I am selling to raise money to buy books for Jean’s School Library (they get the profit). The disc contains The Little Book of Easter Poetry, The Little Chicken Song and the story Ester Rabbit – there is even me playing the recorder :) It costs £5 with £1 p&p. There will be an online order form eventually but you can send cheques made payable to Sarah Snell-Pym

50 Newton Avenue




There will be a download version soon too (it will be £3) – there is currently no print version of this and probably wont be until next year. I managed to buy two books with the taking from The Little Book of Festive Poetry which the school are very happy with but they do basically need to restock their whole library.

Obviously if you are going to see me before/around Easter just pre-order what you want :)

And if anyone has a shop or anything that wants to stock a couple then let me know :)

Posted: Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 @ 8:25 pm
Categories: Easter Poetry, Easter/Animal Stories.
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