Little Books, Big Books and Mega Books et al

I feel that with this number of poems I should be looking at grouping some of the Little Books of Poetry into larger collections. About 100 poems would be The Big Book of Poetry and Stories. A Mega book would be 1000 poems plus stories, fact files and craft activities.

It is just something that occured to me as I put together The Little Book of Festive Poetry at Christmas. I have enough poems written to produce a Big Book already and it is editing, illustrations and the like that is slowing me down :)

I am selling these books primarily to raise money for my children’s school library which is in desperate need of new books – I managed a few tomes for them at Christmas.

I plan to produce an audio book of The Little Book of Easter Poetry – complete with song and story as bonus material!

Anyway wish me luck!

I must be made but the little books seem to be moving on of their own pace and I have actually ended doing readings and workshops around them :)

Posted: Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 @ 8:12 pm
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