The Little Book of Easter – Poem 5

Blacky The Bunny

Blacky the Bunny
Is rather funny
As he fills his tummy
Full of bunny rabbit treats
Some are savoury and some are sweet
Some from the garden some bought, packaged neat

He nibbles them up
Takes some water to sup
Eats bunny brunch by the cup
His feet are big
But to thump not dig
So he can talk to the giunea pig!

With floppy ears
That do endear –
Him to us, never you fear
Blacky Buns we hold so dear
Even when on Mummy he pees
And costs money to prevent fleas
Or nibbles out Daddy’s trouser knees!

Blacky White Hot Cross Bun
You are so soft, a bundle of fun
We’ll put you on the bunny lead
And take you for a run!

Posted: Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 @ 3:20 pm
Categories: Easter Poetry.
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