Little Books and Poetry Challenges

As I mentioned last week I am taking part in what is supposed to be a poem a day challenge (PAD) – this months one is called MoP (Month of Poetry) but I have altered it slightly to suit me.

I have been working an hour a day on my children’s poetry – mainly the Little Books of Poetry.

This has lead to me brain storming ideas for Little Books of Poetry! So here are ten titles for me to be getting on with :)

1) The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry – ten Halloween poems for children (all ready written and illustrated still in finial stages of editing! Have already made a Mk1 and Mk2 of this book)

2) The Little Book of Festive Poetry – ten Christmas poems for children (all ready written and illustrated and now with some poems revised! Still needs a bit more ‘digitizing’ Have made a Mk1 of this book)

3) The Little Book of Sparky Poetry – ten fireworks night poems for children (poems are now all written)

4) The Little Book of Easter Poetry – ten Easter themed poems for children (poems are now all written)

5) The Little Book of New Baby Poetry – ten poems about a new arrival in the family and babies in general, for children (poems all written)

6) The Little Book of Wedding Poetry – ten poems about weddings for children

7) The Little Book of Birthday Poetry – ten poems about birthdays for children

8) The Little Book of School Time Poetry – ten poems about school for children

9) The Little Book of Feasts and What Not Poetry – ten poems about festivals and feasts for children

10) The Little Book of Holiday Poetry – ten poems about going on holiday for children

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