Belated Happy New Year

I was going to this post last week but thought that pimping for votes on my art work was more important 😉 – there’s still time to vote you know!

2010 was an interesting year and though productive the productivity was very much bunched together – I feel this is a good way to bump start things but don’t really want to continue in that vein. I want a steady out put. This means that though I will still be taking part in the writing challenges this year I am going to be adapting them to suite me!

This month I am working on MoPo (Month of Poetry) this is a warm up for WoPoWriMo (World Poetry Writing Month) next month and also a chance to focus myself specifically on my Children’s poetry. I am planning to spend an hour a day on this as I want to do more than just writing the bones of a poem down – I have lots of kids poems now sitting there waiting to be sorted out plus I really want to publish The Little Books this year and I found some of the poems still really did need a lot of work and in the case of the Spoogy Book I actually sort of need to write some more poems to bring it in line with the format I have set out for the books!

I am also going to be scrounging around for more things like the paleo-art community on Art Evolved and the ESA competitions. Preferably science type things but they don’t have to be. These drawings have made me sit down on a regular basis and actually draw. Add in a few more exhibits like last years Open Air one in Cheltenham and I would be very happy. I think I am improving drastically which means illustrating my own stories and those of others is less scary – oh I could do it before but it was a hit and miss process and I would spend more time worrying over not being able to produce something again or on time.

Anyway – these are my plans for the year :) Hope you all have a good one!

Posted: Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 @ 12:12 pm
Categories: 2011, Little Books of Poetry, Publishing, Science Illustrations.
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