Looking Back on Resolutions

1) All the ideas I had during PiBoIdMo I will have at least rough drafts of by the end of 2010. Gulp – that is like 30 books though I do already have three of them written!

Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! This one was never ever going to happen but I do have ideas more fleshed out for everything and 11 drafts from the ideas to be getting on with plus 2 that pre-date the challenge and 1 that spawned off of one the drafts – so it’s not that bad!

2) I will take part in NaPiBoWriWee (National Picture Book Writing Week) which is in May and will hopefully see me produce seven picture book drafts in seven days!

I did this but finished late but it did give me 7 of my 10 drafts! And showed me that I want to have story lines sorted before next years challenge!

3) I will do the illustrations/clean them up to The Little book of Festive of Poetry, It’s Raining and What Can You See Under the Sea, and also one that’s not a PiBoIdMo The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry.

Well I have managed this for the Little Book of Spoogy Poetry and am about to sort out the Festive book but What Can You Sea Under The Sea still needs alot more work as does It’s Raining.

4) I will publish The Little Book of Spoogy Peotry and The Little Book of Festive Poetry before their ‘events’ happen i.e. Halloween and Christmas.

Ok well one of these didn’t quiet happen and the other will probably be in a similar place but that is alright as they will be in plenty of time for next year!

5) I will write the Easter Themed stories before Easter so I can test run them on kids :)

This one actually happened and I have 2 stories which the kids liked but again these need alot of work still – like being typed up and illustrated!

6) Take part in the Paleo-Art Galleries

This has definatly happened – I have taken part in every Time Capsule that Art Evolved has put forward this year which is great!

7) Finish my art journal which does indeed contain illustrations :)

I’m still working on this :( Also the man behind this has died :( which as he wasn’t old is very sad but I am still determined to get it finished. It is far more finished than it was at the beginning of the year and has had over 30 hrs spent on it.

8) Illustrate some of my poems for a postcard set

This has not even been looked at – bad Sarah – but I did come up with a good idea for postcards with specific poems on them as part of the NaPoWriMo challenge I did on my Poetry Blog Turquoise Monster. I did also make visual poetry cards which is sort of the same thing right?

9) Get my Wiggly Pets blog/stories up to date

Well erm… no not even been touched :( Though to be fair I have taken a ton more photos for the stories and found quiet a few drafts in old note books I finally got back from storage (the blog is behind because of the 2007 floods which saw us out of our home for over a year and from which we really are only just recovering).

10) Get my work exhibited (this is probably more straight art than illustration but there does tend to be cross over subject matter for me!)

This I managed with the result of a painting selling! It was the most expensive one I had up which is great – it was the only abstract to sell in the four weeks of exhibition. The only down side to this was that the sale only just covered my costs once framing of the pictures and petrol where taken into consideration :/

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