Priorities 2010

Ok well after what amounts to an uber productive month I am sitting down and assessing what I actually have and the answer is too many projects and too many ideas. Now this isn’t a bad thing as such but I need to get myself back on track with what will produce finished products!

Off of the top of my head I would say my priorities are getting the Little Books of Poetry ready for publication – I am so close with the Spoogy Book and Festive Poetry is not far behind but there is also now the Sparky Book of Poetry though I haven’t even typed those poems up yet!

I want to write the East Poetry Book too to complete the set!

Drawing up a to do list of these books is important and I feel they are my highest priority.

Fallowed by finishing the illustrations off of for What Can You See Under The Sea.

This then leaves the House Dragon stories and Hetty Peglar stories as slightly lower priorities. They all need alot of work but at least there are whole stories written and waiting to be dealt with!

I also want to make a cross reference back on what I wanted to have done by the end of this year!

Posted: Saturday, November 27th, 2010 @ 9:21 pm
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