Plans for the Spoogy

Ok so I have decided I want a copy of the Little Book of Spoogy Poetry to give to my little girl for Halloween this year – this gives me until the 31st of October which will hopefully be enough time!

What is involved with this?

One I need to make sure that all the spelling is correct with the poems and that they ‘work’ and wouldn’t be better with just a little tweaking (and as anyone who’s read my stuff for any amount of time will know spelling is not a strong point though I do try – honest!). The second part of this I can do by myself, the first part however has to go through my husband and then through my friend editor who is so lovely she manages to cram me in even though she is now managing several publications!

The next thing I need to do is to take the photos of the pictures into some program to sort them out – now I only really know how to use Illustrator and not very well at that (having been trained to construct maps on it rather than kids illustrations!), I also have The Gimp and Corel Draw something or other. I will see how I go with Illustrator first as it has work with me tracing photos before.

I will obviously work with the layer facility to get rid of the photo background easily. I will then tweak the pictures until I think they look good enough.

Then comes the fun bit of putting it all together and deciding on the exact page layout and stuff. This will probably then be converted to a PDF (though I need to do some research into this stage) and given either to something like or taken to local printers. This really depends on how big the thing turns out to be which I’ll work out by printing a rough copy and seeing basically. I really do want an ISBN for this but obviously for my little girls copy that doesn’t matter. I need to look into the costs of ISBN’s but I think it should be affordable as I do have people wanting to buy copies already!

I want this to look good and not actually homemade – it is going to be a lot of work but with the deadline there hopefully I’ll achieve something!

Posted: Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 @ 7:25 pm
Categories: Spoogy Poetry.
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