Little Book of Spoogy Poetry – Illustrations

The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry

Last year I made my little girl a book of Halloween rhymes – she came up with the poetry concepts and helped me with some of the rhymes. The poems are here on Turquoise Monster where most poetry of mine ends up eventually!

I’ve mentioned this before on this blog I’m sure! But unfortunatly the little book I made her was destroyed in a small child (just turned 4 at the time) and water accident. I thought I’d lost it forever bar the rhymes but then I remembered that I had taken photos of all the pages too write a how to post on my Arts and Crafts Blog.

Here are all the photos! This makes things slightly harder for turning it into a an actual book/booklet but enough people have been asking me for a copy that I’m going to give it a shot :)

Ghosts Spoogy writing Skeleton Spoogy rat hat more little black cat A little black cat Mummy eating cherry pie Spoogy Pumpkins and bats Spoogy book cat under the bed Back of the book

Please remember these were just rough drawings I did for my little one using her felt tips! The issue I have is that I was planning on scanning the pictures and working from them to make digital pictures but I only have the photos which are taken in not good lighting and at a variety of angles :/

But it is at least something to start on!

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