Easter Stories

I didn’t manage to get any illustration type stuff done for the stories but I did use the glove puppets when I read them out at my little girls Easter Egg Hunt – I had a room full of over excited, chocolate filled 3-9 year olds, a lot of whom where five!

There where 17 of them with a few older and a few younger ones tagging along for the ride – and to my astonishment they shut up and listened! Though I did have to tell the adults off for talking to much in background :) The kids loved the story but then there were the puppets and they where having a fun day anyway but afterwards it turned out that the adults hadn’t realised they were my stories and thought I’d bought them especially for the party. I’m viewing this as a very positive thing.

So I am very very pleased and hope to have the illustrations done for both stories by Easter next year so I can release them as books :)

The only thing I will say is it’s alot harder than you think to have a glove puppet doing something whilst you’re reading or doing something else!

Posted: Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 @ 4:20 pm
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