Horace The House Dragon

I have started writing Horace The House Dragon – this is actually from a game my little girl plays and so unsuprisingly it is about Jean finding Dragons in her house :)

The only thing is that my husband was abit upset that there is no Mummy in the story. But part of what I wanted to do with my childrens writing was to represent real sistuations that children can relate too. I therefore am showing in this instance a child actually coming to terms with the fact Mummy is not their anymore – this obviously is not Jean’s situation as me and my husband are still together but for many children this is not so. In this instance I am writing with the idea that the Mummy has gone off somewhere though I never state that so the children can make up their own mind. The bit I written went down well with Jean and she didn’t even notice there wasn’t a mummy which I think is good thing.

I’m hoping to get the rest written this coming week.

Posted: Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 @ 11:20 am
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