Happy New Year!

Well I have been doing some more pondering on the direction of this blog and of the drawing/writing/illustrating side of things.  But firstly a few New Years Resolutions:

1) All the ideas I had during PiBoIdMo I will have at least rough drafts of by the end of 2010. Gulp – that is like 30 books though I do already have three of them written!

2) I will take part in NaPiBoWriWee (National Picture Book Writing Week) which is in May and will hopefully see me produce seven picture book drafts in seven days!

3) I will do the illustrations/clean them up to The Little book of Festive of Poetry, It’s Raining and What Can You See Under the Sea, and also one that’s not a PiBoIdMo The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry.

4) I will publish The Little Book of Spoogy Peotry and The Little Book of Festive Poetry before their ‘events’ happen i.e. Halloween and Christmas.

5) I will write the Easter Themed stories before Easter so I can test run them on kids :)

6) Take part in the Paleo-Art Galleries

7) Finish my art journal which does indeed contain illustrations :)

8) Illustrate some of my poems for a postcard set

9) Get my Wiggly Pets blog/stories up to date

10) Get my work exhibited (this is probably more straight art than illustration but there does tend to be cross over subject matter for me!)

And there I have a nice round ten that I shall stick too! (hopefully!)

Posted: Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 @ 10:47 am
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