Last Day of NaPiBoWriWee

Well I have five and half picture books written – I’m not going to finish the challenge but I’ve decided it doesn’t really matter – I have almost six drafts which is more than I would have had and as it’s all the Hetty Peglar stories done – it should give me enough time to sort them out before halloween.

In the end I didn’t start writing until late on the 3rd of May and was basically trying to write two stories a day but it took me a little while to get going with the actually rhythm of writing for some reason.

Anyway my plan is to continue until I have all seven stories written anyway – I am devoting a solid hour to writing each day and specifically picture book writing too.

I found that the old academic diary was perfect for my needs and alot of the writing is scrawled not sticking to the lines and often actually written across the double page like it’s just one big page (hope that makes sense).

Anyway as far as I’m concerned it was a success even if I didn’t finish :) (plus I made a tonne of new twitter friends :)

Posted: Friday, May 7th, 2010 @ 11:04 am
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