More on The Olympic Poetry

I’ve sort of decided to include hobbies and activities and in writing down the titles realised I had rather alot so I’m thinking the unthinkable – thinking the sort of thought that gets me could a hack. What if I could do say 1000 poems or somewhere near?

I worked it out and between now and the Olympics it’s several poems a day but seems doable – well actually no it doesn’t – it means maintaing the sort of writing challenge levels of production continously for months and I’m not sure that is doable but I’ve have the insane idea now so I’m going to have to try aren’t I?

Except it is even more stupid as we are currently trying to buy a house :/ Meaning a move may soon be upon us with all the chaos and disruption that can bring.

Posted: Friday, November 25th, 2011 @ 9:45 pm
Categories: Olympic.
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