Little Book of Easter – Poem 2

The Easter Egg Hunt

In the garden in the spring
There is an extra special thing
In the garden hidden and hiding
Lay little chocolate eggs for finding
Bunny lollies and marshmallow chicks
And reusable iridescent eggs just for kicks

Jean is waiting for her friends
She’s got out the colouring pens
Mummy’s sorted baskets for all to make
And for Daddy there’s a nest shaped Birthday cake!

Friends start arriving and the bunny appears
All tall and lanky and maybe looking just a bit like Daddy!
The children follow him round about
Finding eggs with excited shouts!

Then there is the egg and spoon race
Coloured eggs smashing with each pace
But the kids are laughing, stomping and giggling
And to cap it all there is the Little Chicken song for singing!

Posted: Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 @ 2:55 pm
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