Getting ISBN Numbers

Well I did an internet search and the first hit I made was telling me I could have one ISBN for £8 which didn’t seem quiet right so I did some more google-fu and found the company that issues ISBNs in the UK. They say that it is not possible to buy just one – which is fine as I have more than one thing that will need an ISBN.

You buy them in bundles the smallest of which is 10 at just over £100 for about £200 you can get 100 numbers. So then I’m thinking I don’t have £100 to spend right now but how much more difficult will it be to save up £200?

Can I see a use for 100 ISBNs?

Honestly yes I can but only if I am willing to say ‘donate’ some to my husbands games and speculative fiction pub. business! This needs going into as there are three role playing games there waiting to be published but I don’t know if they need ISBNs. Computer games don’t have them and I’m assuming board games don’t but there is also work a foot to have world building novelettes backing up the board and video games.

I myself could easily use up ten numbers – there are the Little Books of Poetry plus a poetry collection that is non-children that I am working on. Plus any board books I get going with!

I am now going to go and have a little looky at the pint on demand places to see how ISBN works with them as I can see there is huge scope for reselling the numbers if you can buy in bulk, just over £500 gets you like 1000!

However I’m not sure how the selling would effect your works entry into the ISBN data base which is one of the reasons I wanted to hunt down the source!

Posted: Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 @ 8:30 pm
Categories: Little Books of Poetry, Publishing.
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